Sunday, March 6, 2011

Meet Zeke the Cat Veterinary Team

Here are the Zeke the Cat Veterinary Team Members!

One Year Later

Dear Diary:

I am doing very well now, T4 levels at normal levels and all is good in my world.  I still need a Forever Home however and that is my goal for 2011.  Along with returning to my buff-Cat God physique and hearing more from Ms. Calico.  The Columbia Daily Tribune published a story on feline hyperthyroidism and I added my ZEKE the CAT BLOG on my personal story about this feline disorder to their COMMENTS section.  Maybe someone will read it and decide to adopt me and my BFF Kiki.  If not maybe they will chuckle and send me a case of Fancy Feast cat food.  Or maybe it will stir fond memories among my VET CARE team and one of them will write me again.
I love having fans so comment on my BLOG please!

Zeke the Cat

Day 35 update

Dear Dr. Irka and Dr. Cohn:

  1. I have gained nearly 2.5 lbs in the last month.  While I cherish having that delicious thigh curve so valued by my cat girlfriends (I think you refer to it as having a six-pack) I feel that filling it out makes me look younger.  Dr. Leach, DVM, Peach Tree Animal Hospital, thinks I am in the best body condition he has seen me to date and hopes I don't gain another 10 lbs like my foster cat brother Sunshine.  Like anyone could outweigh SUNSHINE THE FAT.
  2. Dr. Leach can still feel my thyroid (DRAT).  He took T4 blood test today so should know by tomorrow whether I am back to NORMAL (how an orange cat like me - a CAT GOD - can be considered normal is questionable).
  3. I am no longer spraying or peeing outside of the cat box.  Since coming back home from MU I have to tell you that I have not had one accident in the house.  Since being released from laundry room prison, I have not had any accidents.  I am also not panting when stressed so that is good, right?
  4. I am no longer that interested in attacking every cat in the house.  Sure, Sunshine, Buffy, and Aruba get on my nerves but my nerves are lasting a lot longer.  I am content to snuggle with my main girl Kiki, these days and just let bygones be bygones.  Life is too short to get pissed about every cat that looks at you cross-eyed.  With Aruba being Siamese and cross-eyed that is pretty much my life here.  I just take each day as it comes and love my life!  I am hoping Ms. Calico continues to write though - being a babe magnet is important to my male cat personality and something I can throw in Kiki's face if she gets annoyed with me.  Like anyone else here in this house will bond with her like I have.
 Much love and kisses,

Yours Truly,

Zeke the Cat

Friday, May 28, 2010

Day 25 Life with Zeke

Dear Diary:

No matter what I do I cannot seem to make this human understand the command "Put the cat food down NOW."  I am now trying my newly found hypnotic trance stare to make her follow my every command.

"Put the food down now.  Now.  Put the food down.  Get the can of food.  Open it.  Put it on the cat plate."

Alas, it is not working. . .

Zeke the Cat

Dear Ms. Calico

May 28, 2010

Dear Ms. Calico:

Thank you so much for sending me your address.  I have thought about "us" often and hoped you were doing well after your therapy at MU.  So how are you spending your days in Isolation?  Do you have anyone to care for you?  Are you allowed outside to check out the peonies and soon the daisies?

I have been sitting on the deck this afternoon, mellowing out after another night in my laundry room prison.  It is not as hot as it had been so I am enjoying the peace and solitude.  However Kiki awaits my return indoors so we can chase each other around the house.  Don't be jealous - Kiki cannot hold a candle to you, my sweet Princess!

Please write back and tell me how you are doing.  I will keep my laptop on so I can check for your email response!  Oh I hear the dinner bell calling my name.  Later sweets.


Zeke the Cat

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Meet Zeke the Cat Veterinary Team Members

Meet my MU Tiger Vet Care Team!

While I was not expecting to spend so much time with these people, much less get that weird treatment, I have to say that some days being there were better than being here.

Dear Zeke the Cat MU Vet Team:

I am sorry I haven't written earlier.  I spend most of my time trying to escape the laundry room prison I am being kept in when not begging for Fancy Feast or some other expensive cat food that is probably better than what is on my plate right now.

I need that hot Ms. Calico's phone number - or her email address.  Now that I have access to my cell phone and laptop back, I can resume where we left off, with her looking adoringly at my face and purring like a crazy feline!  I suspect she thought I forgot all about her.  No way, Ms. Calico!  I am just not sure I am ready for a serious long-distance relationship.

If you know her email address please forward to my attention.  I think email or a call will work.  I normally use POST IT notes to break up with my lady friends.
Here is my TEAM:

MU faculty Member Dr. Leah Cohn, DVM, was my internal medicine specialist, and Dr. Irka Redelsperger, vet student, was my main caregiver.

Dr. Redelsperger took pictures of me for my BLOG - THANK YOU SO MUCH Dr. Irka!  She always made sure to get my good side so I never looked fat and my Roman nose didn't show in profile.  She also bought me some better cat food since I refused (well, not entirely) to eat that rabbit food they palmed off as cat food.  LOVE YOU - XO XO XO

Left to Right:

  1. Dr. Catherine Webb, professional year 3, DVM
  2. Dr. Veronica Schwartz (Ms. Calico's vet student-hot, hot, hot); professional 4th year, DVM
  3. Dr. Kevin Urday, professional 4th year, DVM
  4. Dr. Robert Miller, professional 4th year, DVM
  5. Dr. Irka Redelsperger, my personal vet student and personal shopper
  6. Dr. Leah Conh, my Internal Medicine Specialist 
WOO WOO WOO (-imagine my paw in the air going WOO WOO WOO please - do it with me - WOO WOO WOO!)

Zeke the Cat

Zeke the Cat's Feline Hyper-T Treatment Photo Diary - Day 23 Redeaux

May 23, 2010

Dear Dr. Irka and MU Vet Team:

I have looked everywhere in my very very small laundry room for you and cannot find you.  Nothing compares to you coming in to see me daily with that special can of food in your hand.  No one is taking photos of me either which means my 15 minutes of fame is either up or Foster Mom  is too busy to take photos.

She should install a web cam so people can watch me 24.7.  It has to be more fun and enjoyable than watching the BP oil spill off the Coast of LA.

I am not sure when I will be let out of prison, my escape plans appear to go nowhere daily.  Foster Mom is not allowed in my room except to feed me and change the cat pan - she has to wear gloves and cannot spend too much time with me.  I am alone and lonely.  However I have a room that is cozy and warm.  t may not be much of a room but it is MY room.

Sunday I was allowed out to watch part of the last episode of LOST the TV Series.  I cannot believe that Kate woke up next to Bob Newhart.  The next thing I will hear is that Jack was in the shower with Victoria Principal.  I guess Hollywood has run out of interesting endings.

I wanted to watch DWTS last night as I had all my cat food bet on Evan.  I have no idea who won as Foster Mom watched NCIS, American Idol, the news, Law & Order, Married with Children, etc., over the span of 30 minutes.  If I didn't know better I would suspect ADD as she could not stop changing channels.

If you know who won DWTS please email me so I can get some sleep.  I am just grateful KATE was voted off and was not in the finals.  I guess tonight we will watch TOP CHEF Masters if Foster Mom can stay awake long enough.  She has a cold (like I care) and is not spending time with me right now.

When you get this please write.  I think you are the only person who loves me right now.

Love and kisses,

Zeke the Cat